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Our online managed backup solutions are fully scalable, and offer you a variety of options, regardless of company size.

We can provide a full managed online backup, or even take it a step further with a managed physical backup server onsite, which then backs up to our cloud.

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The hallmark of any backup service is not just how secure it is, but how secure it makes you feel (that second part is always overlooked.)

Bulletproof, military-grade data security is standard with us, but it's really the peace of mind in the restore aspect that sets us apart.

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A backup solution is only effective if it's used correctly. So we provide a dual-layer of assurance here.

First, our backup software is simple to use. Second, we're a managed solution, so there's always a "human" failsafe that ensures the process is always working.

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Will SafetyNet protect my data in the event of a fire?

Yes! With SafetyNet, your data is stored on multiple servers, in data centers all over the country. Natural disasters and other localized issues that would normally cause a server to crash or be destroyed will cause your data to be lost or unavailable.

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