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SafetyNet comes with some of the best support around. Since we’re already a managed backup service, we don’t outsource support – it’s 100% US-Based.

We feel this commitment to support is important. All too often, companies treat support as an afterthought that is farmed out to save money, which does little for you when you really need it. After all, when you contact support, you really want expertise, not the lowest bidder.

SafetyNet pledges to always be there when you need us, with the professionalism and knowledge you expect.

And how much extra does this top-shelf support cost? How about nothing…


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Will SafetyNet protect my data in the event of a fire?

Yes! With SafetyNet, your data is stored on multiple servers, in data centers all over the country. Natural disasters and other localized issues that would normally cause a server to crash or be destroyed will cause your data to be lost or unavailable.

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